Public School Teacher Gabriel Fancher who holds an MBA Announces Candidacy For State House, District 13

Murfreesboro resident Gabriel Fancher has announced his candidacy for the  new 13th District of the Tennessee House of Representatives.
Fancher is an English teacher at Holloway High School in Murfreesboro and a local real estate agent.

He has been a teacher since 2008 where he first served as an adjunct faculty member at several local colleges before becoming a public school teacher in 2020. He previously worked as the Business Program Director with Daymar College in Nashville, and went on to serve as the Program Director for the Political Economy Research Institute at Middle Tennessee State University.

 “Rutherford County is blessed to have strong leaders fighting for our shared conservative values. We need to elect another trusted, conservative leader to represent our community in Nashville. I’m a teacher, a local business owner, and a proud father of seven children. I’m not a politician, but I have been involved in politics and pushing for many years to make sure the people elected do the right thing for their constituents.

When elected I will work hard to represent the conservative values of the district and build consensus that will make Tennessee and Rutherford County the best place to live, work, and raise our families,” said Fancher.


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 “I will work tirelessly everyday to improve the lives of the people I am elected to represent. I know that we all want and need strong schools, better infrastructure, safe neighborhoods and a business friendly economy. I will work with other state leaders to make sure that the quality of life we all enjoy remains in place here in Rutherford County,” he added.

If you’d like a yard sign or have a question for Gabriel contact him at or call his cell 615-445-5073


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