Cowboy Up! Marty Luffman measures progress in recovery from near-fatal crash: Tayla Courage

Alabama native Marty Luffman has called the Smyrna area home for 48 years since he finished college in 1972.

He’s worked for the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, wrote the state’s first equine trail guide, competed in rodeos, helped to create the 23.1-mile Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail and sold insurance for 45 years.

Marty Luffman welcomes Governor Bill Lee to Smyrna’s TCAT on Sgt. ASbury ‘Freddie’ Hawn Way.

“It’s an honor and a privilege, at my age, to have a legacy like this that I can leave,” said Luffman, 72, who was recognized by the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce for his longtime insurance business last September.

On Aug. 3, the Antioch resident celebrated another life milestone: he went home to his ranch in Cane Ridge after an 81-day stay at a physical rehabilitation facility following a near-fatal car crash on March 6.

The Man Magazine featured pistol shoot champion Marty Luffman on its front cover.

He’s a colorful storyteller who’s just trying to turn the page to the next chapter of his life with something as simple as enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a brisk summer morning.

Luffman had a morning ritual before beginning his rehabilitation journey. He would wake up, head out to the back deck, and say his prayers as the sun crept up to take its place in the sky.

That’s what I used to do every morning. I’d go out. I didn’t care how cold it was,” said Luffman. “I would love to go out and sit on the deck and watch the sun come up.”

After being admitted to the Life Care Center of Hickory Woods in Antioch on May 14, Luffman was still able to call on his nurses for a cup of joe, but the view from his single room was nothing compared to the picturesque nature scene outlooking his backyard.

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