Viewpoint: Joel Lucks, ‘We the People, For the People’


The study of our planet earth has taught us that the earth’s axis is 23.5-degrees as it orbits the sun, the center of our universe.
It is beautifuly balanced as it spins around our sun and blesses us with four seasons throughout the year…for most parts of the world. Earth is blessed. We are blessed.
It has unflinchingly spun and revolved for millions of years!!!
Think about it!!
NOW, think about this…
Our country, the U.S.A. has been beautifully functioning since the Declaration of Independence for 245 years under the guidance, dictates, beliefs, laws, rules, values, principles and amendments, under the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our Articles of Confederation.
Analogous to a beautiful spinning top, so graceful as it twirls, spins, dances on the table, it captivates the fasciantion of children and adults alike. It is mesmirizing, too, a distraction from its inevitability.
The top is not self-sustaining, though, like our Constitution or Bill of Rights, and so as the energy of the top expends itself, the top slows down, begins to waffle and eventually collapses!!!
If this country cannot stop the evil, the disease that is in the White House now, lead by the corrupt “Biden” cabal, their one-party, world power grab, our country will also slow down, lose its “energy,” waffle and one day collapse.
UNLESS we can stop that down-spin, our American society will begin to waffle, too. We are all ready losing credibility as a world leader and every additional day Biden/Harris remain in office we are losing confidence in those that govern; we are “selling our country off” for the personal gain and greed of a few, and one day, soon, we will topple!!!
Biden is compromised, and has been most of his life.
He suffers from some form of neurological deterioration, making one bad decision after another, and soon, we, as a country, will topple.
And he lies more and more to us every day!
We need leaders to get us out of this mess.
We need President Trump or someone like him, otherwise folks, we will lose everything American, everything patriotic, and every freedom and liberty that hundreds of thousands of Americans have died for…it will all be for nothing.

Think about that top…it is only a matter of time on this course.

By Joel Lucks


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