Landfill Solution Is A Step Closer

(MURFREESBORO)  Middle Point Landfill continues to move closer to being full, and the Rutherford County Commission is taking steps to have a plan in place when that day comes.

Earlier there was confusion about whether the state or Rutherford County had the right to determine the the next step in the process. County Mayor Bill Ketron notesthat Tennessee Code shows the County Commission reserves that right.

As you recall, Rutherford County had been accepting “requests for proposals” (RFP) from businesses who wanted the opportunity to serve the waste needs. The committee narrowed the list to nine, and now it has been reduced to four.

Convenience Center Improvements

All of the Rutherford County convenience centers are part of a renovation and improvements. County Mayor Ketron has applied for a grant to cover part of the expenses, and whether the improvements come all at once or one-at-a-time will be based on whether those funds are awarded.

Ketron explained that a tornado siren will be placed at each convenience center along with a large storm shelter. In addition, the facility will have a place to locate an ambulance and fire truck and work space for emergency responders.

In addition, the garbage drop off and recycling capabilities will be modernized and made more convenient.

NewsRadio WGNS will keep you informed.


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