Joel Lucks Viewpoint: We the People, for the People…

By Joel Lucks
Who else is outraged at the Federal rulings on states to require them to take in illegal immigrants, children or otherwise? This includes Afghani immigrants, as well, since the pull-out, that are NOT being vetted completely.
Tennesse is NOT the only state affected.
Is this something we all agreed to do, or are we being dictated to do this by the Biden Socialist Democrat party?
Before I go off half-cocked, I would love to hear everyone’s opinions.
I know of the 10th Amendment and the Nullification Act, and it would seem that somewhere in there could be loop-holes, actually legal protections for the states, for refusing to accept any illegals that allow us to push back on Biden’s moronic insanity!!!
The Articles of Conferation do protect our state’s sovereign rights as states and protect us against such egregious mandates. The Bill of Rights, as well.
Is this is just another “veil,” another screen to avoid transparency by the Biden government? If so, then we all have a responsiblity to speak out to our governors. I have all ready written to mine?
The implications are far-reaching, not to mention the tax burden to provide housing, food, education, health assistance, dealing with increased crime, and much more…this will explode in our faces, and soon the government will GIVE illegals a monthly allowance, as seems to be their pattern.
(Use this anyway you see fit, if you do.)
I can meet nearly any day this week.
Joel Lucks
Smyrna, TN


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